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Why you use Electronic Cigarettes instead of traditional Cigarettes?

An electronic cigarette has a whole series of advantages when compared to smoking ordinary cigarettes. Below is a summary of the most important benefits:

  • Smoking without being bothered by stinking breath.
  • No yellow teeth, fingers or nails.
  • Smoking in areas where smoking normal cigarettes is not desired.
  • The smoke that is produced does not stink.
  • No ashtray required.
  • No annoyance for people in your area, and you and your clothes don't smell like an ashtray either.
  • About half the price of normal cigarettes.
  • It contains no tar.
  • No carbon monoxide.
  • Different flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, coffee, cherry, mint, normal tobacco, etc ... are available on the market.

Cons Electronic Cigarette

Surprisingly, there are not many disadvantages to electronic cigarettes. This is probably also the reason why they have become popular so quickly. When pulling an electronic cigarette, nicotine is of course still inhaled. Nicotine is not a carcinogen in itself, but it does have several effects that can be harmful to humans. 


Just think of an increased heartbeat, narrowing of blood vessels, an increased risk of heart problems, a negative effect on the skin, etc. The nicotine in electronic cigarettes, of course, is just as addictive as that present in regular cigarettes. The fact that you continue to do the same action (as with normal smoking). So you remain addicted to the act.


  • You work with a battery, charger, etc. The 'hardware' can sometimes fail, so you always need something spare.
  • Not just being able to shop for new cigarettes.
  • There is an initial cost for the purchase of your material. If you opt for a solid solution, you have to take into account a budget between 50 and 100 euros.
  • The body absorbs less nicotine from the vapor of Electronic Cigarettes than from the smoke of an ordinary cigarette. If you want the same nicotine effect, you will have to smoke a little longer from an electronic cigarette.
  • It is a large and complex domain. You can get overwhelmed by all the information that comes to you, but if you follow our advice you should be in the right place.



There are a lot of opponents of electric smoking. You must know that the tobacco industry is a very powerful industry that involves a huge amount of money. You must not forget the massive taxes that are 'earned' on the hood of the smoker. That is why in many countries the sale of these products has been restricted.


Benefits of e-cigarette:


The e-cigarette has many advantages over normal tobacco. Below is a small summary of the various benefits.

  • E-cigarettes do not contain any carcinogenic tar, carbon monoxide or nitric oxide, which impair breathing and condition and also affect heart and blood vessels.
    In addition to nicotine and tar, the e-cigarette smoker also remains protected from the hundreds of other toxic substances that are ingested when smoking tobacco. Normal tobacco contains many toxic substances that are released when the tobacco is burned, which can amount to 4000 toxins, of which around 300 are carcinogenic. The e-cigarette contains (if chosen a liquid with nicotine) nicotine as the only toxic substance.
    E-cigarettes produce almost an odorless vapor instead of smelly smoke. This keeps the environment, but also the clothing of the smoker free of tobacco smells.
    E-cigarettes are not a fire hazard.
    E-cigarettes do not give the user yellow teeth and fingers such as normal cigarettes or roll.
    Smoking the e-cigarette is many times cheaper, partly because the e-liquids are not taxed with excise duties.
    No more ashtray and lighter required.
    No need for a package that needs to be stuffed in your pocket, shirt pocket or handbag. The e-cigarette is handy and compact.
    You can use your e-cigarette at any time; you can simply store it again after a few strokes.
    The refills are available in many different flavors.
    You can choose from nicotine-free liquids or a liquid with nicotine. The liquids with nicotine are available in different strengths.
  • You could gradually reduce your nicotine levels when you use the e-cigarette to eventually stop smoking.
    The e-cigarette can be used almost anywhere. So also in the hospitality industry or public transport. The vapor (without nicotine) is not harmful to the environment. Of course, it is best to first check whether you can use the e-cigarette on the occasion where you are.


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E-cigarette Melbourne Provider: the best place to start your vaping journey

E-cigarettes have been around for over 10 years since 2009 E-cigarette Melbourne has been at the cutting edge. Today they're utilized by numerous individuals around the globe and have turned out to be progressively well known.

There are even vape meets, where vape fans swap new flavors and devices. In case you're new to the universe of vaping, it may appear to be confusing, maybe even a smidgen overpowering with each one of those diverse terms. To get you up to speed, here are things to know before you begin.

E-cigarette Melbourne

A. Different types of accessible devices:

Generally, an e-cigarette is an electronic gadget that warms enhanced fluid containing nicotine and some different ingredients. The warming procedure makes the vapor, which is breathed in by the vaper.

Many individuals don't have the foggiest idea about that there are distinctive kinds of gadgets. They arrive in various structures and models and to be refilled some require fluids and others require cartridges/tanks.

Vapes that require an e-fluid are called Open System e-cigarettes and our e-cigarette Melbourne Kit is a case of this sort of vape. Some of the devices, then again, requires cartridges/tanks and is called Closed System e-cigarettes.

Aside from the shut and open framework e-cigarettes additionally further developed gadgets are accessible, called Mods, Box Mods or APVs. These vapes frequently include some sort of alteration to the measure of the cartridge/tank or battery control so as to change in accordance with the vaper's close to home taste.

Some require the vaper to dribble e-fluid onto a warming component and don't utilize a cartridge/tank by any stretch of the imagination. They are called DripTips. These propelled gadgets are accessible on Vape connection and should just be utilized by cutting edge vapes.

We at E-cigarette Melbourne has severe quality control models to guarantee just the most ideal gadgets. This is the thing that makes accessible devices extend superior to other electronic cigarettes.

B. How to inhale the first time?

Vaping is basically breathing in vapor; however, before you begin you should initially acquaint yourself with your gadget. As we've discovered that are diverse gadgets that work in marginally unique ways. To vape with our gadget, for instance, you should simply visit get it accessible from online.

Try not to run hard and fast with your clench hand breathe in, as it is prescribed, to begin with, a couple of groundwork puffs. These are short puffs where no vapor is breathed in, that expansion the vapor generation and help enhance the flavor.

When you're done with your preliminary puffs it's an ideal opportunity to get serious. There are distinctive vaping methods you can attempt and most vapers have a place with one of two classes: inhalers and mouth holders. Inhalers breathe in the vapor legitimately into the lungs, which will, in general, make a more grounded sensation.

Mouth holders don't breathe in the vapor legitimately into their lungs; however, first, hold it in their mouth for some time. Some mouth holders even breathe out before breathing in the vapor into the lungs. As a rule, you will show signs of improvement enhance sensation with mouth holding.

C. Capacity

Storage is likewise a significant piece of keeping your gadget fit as a fiddle. Putting away your e-cigarette on its side or upside down could make it spill, which will obviously drain your e-fluid. It's ideal to store the gadget upstanding. Vapes likewise don't do well in direct daylight or extraordinary warmth for significant lots of time.


You may like tanning however make sure to store your gadget out of the grip of the sun and at room temperature. The equivalent goes for e-fluid. Exposure to coordinate daylight over an extensive stretch of time could change the taste.


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